Healthy Nutella

Healthy Nutella

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset~ Healthy Nutella ~

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

The trick with homemade nut butter, I have come to realise, is simply staying power!

There is no technical skill or know-how involved really, you just have to keep going.. and going… and going! It helps to have a really good food processor too.

For my healthy Nutella, I used roughly 3/4 hazelnuts and 1/4 almonds. I wanted to dilute the powerful hazelnut flavour a bit, but you could do any ratio you like, half and half, or just all hazelnuts.

The classic Nutella is not really a brilliant choice, it’s main ingredients are sugar and palm oil. Plus there is something very satisfying about recreating a more wholesome version of an old classic like this.

This recipe can be easily adjusted to your taste, so don’t be afraid to play around and change the quantities. Once you have your nut butter, add the syrup and the cacao a little at a time and keep tasting until you get to that point when you can’t stop tasting…. then it’s done!

Healthy Nutella Recipe

~ 150g hazelnuts
~ 50g almonds~ 3 tsp Brown rice syrup
~ 2 Tbs Cacao powder
~ pinch of salt
~ 3 drops of pure vanilla extract


1. In a dry pan, over a low heat, toast your hazel nuts and almonds for about 4 – 5 minutes stirring now and then to avoid burning.

2. Turn off the heat, leaving the nuts in the pan, pick out the hazelnuts one by one and pinch the skins off, Some will slide out of their skins easily, some won’t. I just didn’t worry about the ones that didn’t and ended up with a mix.

3. Put the nuts in your food processor, I used the small jug of my Magimix with the small blade. Start processing, stopping every few minutes to scrape down the sides.. go on like this for some time. you might have to pause every so often if the mix starts to get hot.

4. You will think you have reached its limit of smoothness, but just keep going! Eventually it will becomes oily and more liquid.

5. Add the syrup, cacao, vanilla and salt and blend again to combine fully.

6. Store the nut butter in glass jars in the fridge, I’m not sure how long it lasts, until it tastes bad…

I made these 2 little jars of Nutella especially to take down to Devon for our lovely retreat goers in a couple of weeks.. Nutella for breakfast at a yoga retreat..? Why not I reckon!

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  1. This is somewhat of a treat of dreams. And I love your down-to-earth presentation along with humor. My favorite paragraph is the one that begins “This recipe can be easily adjusted to your taste,…” and then ends with “…and keep tasting until you get to that point when you can’t stop tasting…. then it’s done!” Fun!



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