Raw Orange Fudge Brownies

Raw Orange Fudge Brownies




~ Raw Orange Fudge Brownie ~



Yesterday, Ollie joyously told me about the game he and his friends played at break time; ‘Making Lunch’… Ollie was the hunter, catching the meat! His friend Yuli was the forager gathering berries and herbs, another friend was the dog, called Walnut. They made a few lunches with different varities of meats, herbs and berries.

All I could think was, I’m so happy I shut my phone away in the glove box and I’m really hearing this story.. and taking a moment to delight in how flippin’ cooool and imaginative our kids are!!

I made a silent promise to myself recently (and my little one – although he doesn’t know it) that the hours between 3 and 7pm I would do my absolute best to put my phone away and be completely present with him, to listen with my full attention, to really really hear him. We think there is always another day to be present …and that the email really needs to get done ..but all of a sudden my boy will be 10 this year. I don’t want him to be an adult who looks back remembers his mum always on her phone, allowing work to slip into supper time or interrupt a very important story….

I read this somewhere recently and it really hit me:

“If you want your children to tell you the big important stuff when they grow up, you have to listen to the little things when they are small.. because to them, it’s always been big and important”
– unknown

My favourite part of the day is when I pick Ollie up from school after a morning on the computer, and he is hopping and buzzing with news from his day, it does something to my heart to see his face light up because he can feel that in that moment I’m there for him only ..that he is an important and interesting little being.


These should be called Ollies Orange Fudge Brownies because he helped me refine the taste and texture to get it just right… super fudgy, not too sticky and only a hint of orange, you could add more, if you like… or none at all, if you don’t.

These brownies are raw, dairy free, grain free, nut free and sweetened with just dates prunes and lacuma.

Lacuma is a peruvian superfood powder that is exceptionally high in vitamin C and B vitamins, it’s a great energy and immune system supporter, is naturally sweet but has a very positive impact on blood sugar levels.


~ 160g pitted dates
~ 80g prunes
~ 100g sunflower seeds
~ 60g desicated coconut
~ 20g cacao powder
~ 20g coconut oil (I used deoderised coconut oil)
~ 15g ground flax seeds
~ 2 Tbsp lacuma
~ 1/2 tsp  vanilla extract
~ 1/2 tsp orange extract
1 Tbsp de-shelled hemp seeds
1 Tbsp cacao nibs
1/2 tsp pink salt


1. Weigh out the dates and soak them in hot water for a few minutes to soften. Drain and squeeze as much water out as possible. If you are using medjool dates then you don’t need to soak them, you might even need to reduce the quantity a little because they are super squishy.

2. Weigh the sunflower seeds and coconut and process in the processor for around 3 – 4 minute. It should be very fine and crumbly but don’t over process until it becomes oily.

3. Add the flax, cacao, lacuma and salt and process for 30 seconds to combine.

4. Next add the dates, prunes, coconut oil, vanilla and orange oil and process to thoroughly combine. At some point it will form a big lump.. at this point I just cut it up again and process again just to make sure its properly mixed.

5. Press flat into a loaf tin lined with baking parchment. I used another loaf tin to squish flat.

6. Sprinkle over the cacao nibs first and press them lightly in, then sprinkle the hempseeds and press them again just a bit to make sure they don’t just drop off.

7. Place int eh fridge for an hour to set firm before cutting into whatever shapes you fancy, you could also roll into balls and roll in the cacao nibs and hempseeds.

Enjoy, and do let me know of you try them!

Much Love
Ruth xo


  1. oooohh, the addition of orange and hemp in these sounds delicious. i am looking to expand my raw treats repertoire and these might have to be next! (that is, after the raw vanilla bean cheesecake i make when i get home from work tonight…)

    great quote too, that one will definitely be sticking with me. i don’t have any kiddies of my own but i’m a nanny so i can definitely relate to the importance of listening to the small stuff! lovely blog you have here, so glad to have found it.

    • Oh thank you so much for your kind words! Ahh yeah I think I could add hemp seeds to just about anything.. I’m a little obsessed, love their creamy texture and SO nutritious 🙂 your cake sounds amazing.. enjoy x



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