6 Nourishing Autumn Recipes

6 Nourishing Autumn Recipes


Humans beings, like all beings, have always instinctively known how to live in tune with the rhythms and cycles of the year though our deep connection with nature, but generations of living in towns and city’s means so many of us have forgotten (not lost!) our intuitive nature around how our bodies needs change depending on the season.

A lovely way to reconnect to this intuitive self care, is to eat seasonally. That’s as simple as paying attention to whats in season near you. Whats growing? Because if you think about it, OF COURSE the foods that grow close by, are exactly the nourishment our bodies need at that time. It just makes sense, doesn’t it? 

I also believe you can trust your cravings (to a point). There are valid reasons we want warm soups, and deserts made with stewed fruit in autumn and winter, these foods are easy to digest and when the weather cools down and we want to stay warm and preserve our energy. 

The seasons have always been the inspiration behind my recipes, and being Autumn Equinox I thought I would gather a few of my favourites over the last few years together in one place for you.

The 22nd of September is the Autumn Equinox this year. The tipping point in the year where light and dark are in perfect balance, before we head into those shorter, darker days.

So this is the time to celebrate and give thanks for all that we have harvested this year and I like to think of this not just in terms of food, but as well all that we have manifested, gathered, created. The places we have grown over the year so far. It’s a wonderful time to reflect on where we have come from, where we are now, and reevaluate. What treasures and what nourishment we would like to take with us into the next few months as we turn inwards, and what we would really like to leave behind. It’s the perfect time for a good decluttering of our inner and out space in preparation for embracing our faithful old friend, Hermit!


Nourishing Autumn Recipes 


1. Apple & Blackberry Crumble Bars

…I think you will love this blackberry recipe, it has a chewy, buttery base, sweet yet tart fruity layer, plus you can pick it up and eat with with your hands or pop it in a pack lunch. Most of these were quickly demolished with lots of custard. Nothing lasts in this house!!! SEE RECIPE

Apple and blackberry crumble bar

2. Autumn Pear Crumble 

…The abundance of apples and pears that comes with Autumn definitely softens the blow of the colder, wetter weather for me, how can you feel anything but comfort and happiness when there is crumble..!This crumble is unsweetened, but is actually pretty sweet with the cooked pears and natural sweetness of Lucuma powder. If your pallet is still adjusting to sugar free eating, you could by all means add a tablespoon of maple syrup or a sprinkling of coconut sugar, personally I didn’t find it needed it at all.The combination of ginger, cinnamon & lucuma make this crumble topping so amazingly more-ish and extra special. SEE RECIPE

3. Sweet Stuffed Baby Squash 

…A recipe truly in the spirit of Autumn. I am just in love with all these beautiful, knobbly, wonky little squashes. I’ve been eating pumpkin or squash in one form or another all week.Winter squash is rich in immune boosting and inflammation fighting nutrients. It’s particularly high in carotenoids, an important group of antioxidants which support the skin, heart, blood vessels, eyes and immune system. Winter squash also has lots of vitamin C and surprisingly, for a low fat food, a good dose of anti-infammatory omega 3 essential fatty acids. SEE RECIPE


4. Blackberry and Beet Greens Smoothie

Blackberries, like most berries, are full of vitamin C and protective polyphenols, a group of antioxidants most know for their ability to slow tumour growth and be protective against cancer. But antioxidants have so many important roles in the body.. they don’t just keep your skin youthful, their role is protective in all parts of the body.. the phrase prevention is better than cure comes to mind when I think of antioxidants. They clean up damaging free radicals and reduce inflammation in the body, and inflammation is the driving force behind basically all chronic disease. SEE RECIPE



5. Golden Soup + Magic Cold Potion 

…I love the sweetness of the apple and fennel in this soup. Turmeric, ginger and garlic are antimicrobial and very supportive to the immune system and the digestive system. When your unwell, soup is an ideal food because it is easy to digest, and allows your body to conserve as much energy as possible so that your immune system can get to work fighting the bad guys. SEE RECIPE


6. Beetroot Soup + Cashew Sour Cream

** This one I actually originally wrote in the winter, but it still feels totally Autumny**

…Soup is an real staple for me during the winter. It’s the perfect food for when we are cold or tired. When the weather is cold, a lot of our energy is directed towards keeping our bodies warm, so instinctively we are drawn to conserve some of this precious energy by eating meals that are untaxing for the digestive system. SEE RECIPE



I hope that you will enjoy some these and that they bring you warmth and comfort on these cooler darker days.

Happy Equinox and Happy Mabon for my Witchin Sisters x


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